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Sgt. Deano

(This is the FUN side of Deano—if you want the serious side—CPA & all that … click here! )

He’s got it all covered! Deano’s wide range of musical & entertaining experience enables a wide range of different evenings & shows with 100% commitment to ensuring each one a success.

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For Bookings & enquiries email us:  deano@gfrdean.com

Norfolk Island Sunset

Because Deano is a medal standard dancer, himself (and teacher) he knows exactly the type of music required for all modern, latin & ballroom styles and can ensure that your next dancing function is a sensation!

Deano’s Strictly for Dancing - Ballroom Dancing evenings


Norfolk Island sunset

Imagine your self on beautiful Norfolk Island mixing old convict songs with tropical island sunset songs to bring back those nostalgic Pacific Island holiday memories. and some good old      sing-a-long songs of old— Morning Melodies a specialty!

Deano’s Island & Memories Show


Strictly Dancing with DeanoCountry Music Deano

10 years as a traveling musician & country music entertainer in the 90’s has left Deano with an extensive repertoire of the Country Music favourites

Deano’s Country Music Evenings & Shows


Deano with Guitar

Black suit sunglasses & black hat! Deano plays songs from the Blues Brothers, Commitments along with popular numbers from your favourite soul & blues artists.

Deano’s Soul Blues Show

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